• Takram







    Location: Tokyo

    Year: 2016 Summer

    Area: 143.5 Sqm

    Contractor: &S

    Status: Completed

    Photo: Daisuke Shima

  • The multi-disciplined design firm Takram asked DAIKEI MILLS to design their new office. The space is an

    annex to their existing office near by; mostly to be used for project meetings and hosting client presentations.

    Given the nature of the space, there were several strict requirements that had to be met. Since the space is going to be used both as partitioned rooms and as an uninterrupted space, the walls needed to be movable. To protect the confidential client information being discussed inside, each project room had to be soundproof. For similar reasons, it needed to be a space that lets in the external light, yet keep out the peering gaze.

    The materials chosen to meet these requirements were armored glass and curtain fabric. The dark armored glass inside the black skin steel frame has been carefully controlled for its transmittance to let in just the right amount of light. The triple-layered fabric was specially made for this project with the help of Kvadrat, the Danish specialist in manufacturing high-end textile.

    These partitions and curtains have been given their offstage-storage space, thus beautifully eliminating the typical inelegance that often plague these spaces with movable / flexible capabilities.

    Although the space may appear simple and modern at first glance, some of the material choices have been made to create a very raw texture. Walls are covered with “rammed earth” concrete, that have been made through simple repetition of layering the cement and and compressing it. The ceiling and the hanging ducts have been sprayed with fireproof coating that look like grains of rock. The resulting ambiance is like that of a natural cave, or a prehistoric ruin.