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    Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

    Year: 2016 Summer

    Area: 379.5 Sqm

    Contractor: D.BRAIN

    Status: Completed

    Photo: Hideki Makiguchi

  • This is the second store of the “6” (ROKU) brand, and its first street-level store. Goal of the project was to build on the success of the first store, also designed by DAIKEI MILLS, and make the most of this 380 square-meter space as the brand’s flagship.
    There were two key themes that emerged. First was to create a space that had Japanese beauty to it. And it was agreed that this wasn’t to be done by including some obviously Japanese design motifs, but instead by drawing on the very aesthetic sensitivity of what make any space work and work beautifully.
    For instance, the black skin steel louver around the entrance allows the light to penetrate and ensures an open field of view, and its presence also functions as dividers of space. Such architectural function is precisely that of paper screens and wooden grits commonly found in traditional Japanese homes.
    The overall layout of the space, with lowered center space and cloister-like corridor surrounding it, is a spatial throwback to traditional Japanese gardens.

    The heavy material presence of the display furnitures remind you of the carefully placed rocks and greenery of karesansui dry gardens.
    The second theme was to incorporate material elements of nature like light, air and soil. Connection with the outside element was particularly important since it was decided from the very start that The Little Shop of Flowers – a florist – was to occupy the space next to the entrance. The same thinking inspired the decision to use materials with raw texture, such as blocks of concrete mixed with red soil. Since Roku’s target include fashion-living mothers, the space is also designed to entertain the children who accompany their mothers through its playground-like use of small multilevels.
    Mixed use of coarse-surface materials and scattered neons are playful, and gives ambience of some warehouse thrift stores . And such lively-yet-down-to-earth setting is a suited atmosphere to pick through 6’s eclectic mix of everything from latest fashion items to toys and Hane’s T-shirts and vintage items.