Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

    Year: 2016 Spring

    Area: 758.1 Sqm

    Contractor: D.BRAIN

    Status: Completed

    Photo: Hideki Makiguchi

  • DAIKEI MILLS was asked to design the new showroom space for the fashion importer / PR agency SESSION.
    By their very nature, showrooms are required to be plain & flexible spaces, as they are used to display totally different brands and category of items from one day to the next. And the guests who are invited here – buyers, distributers, and members of the press, etc – often find themselves frequenting this very place, to experience a totally different exhibition every time.
    Thus, for this project, DAIKEI MILLS has made the entrance as the focal point. A gateway between the outside world and the universe of whatever creation that happens to be on show inside.
    Upon entering, the guests are greeted by the “black skin” raw steel in the reception area. Even from a very close distance, the wall looks as though it’s covered in black leather. Although a slightest touch will reveal the unmistakable, heavy material presence.
    Same material seamlessly connect the wall with the floor. And this presence of raw steel accompanies the guest as they walk all the way around the corridor surrounding the reception area.
    The varying shades of black occur naturally during the casting / heating process. These contour-like patterns cannot be manufactured, and matching patterns used here has been picked from a very long stretch of processed steel.
    Once the guests enter inside, the exhibition space is very simple: white walls with mirror-covered pillars, and spotlights hanging from the ceiling.
    Louvered lintel between the pillars – made with the same raw steel – quietly marks the transition between the entrance area and the showroom.