• avex







    Location: Aoyama, Tokyo

    Year: 2018 Spring

    Area:679.8 Sqm

    Contractor: NOMURA

    Graphic Design: CEKAI

    Furniture Production: E&Y

    Producer: Transit General Office

    Photo: Junpei Kato

  • DAIKEI MILLS was brought into design the grand entrance of the newly-elected office building of avex, the Japanese music / entertainment giant.
    This brand new 17-storey office in Aoyama is both the testament of their successes during the last 30 years, and their forward-thinking vision going into the future. Given the large-scale nature of the project, the project presented a change in working style for DAIKEI MILLS since the project was collaborative in nature.
    As you enter the building and climb towards the elevated entrance, all attention is drawn to the metal object in the shape of avex “a.” DAIKEI MILLS took the company’s new logo – designed by Tomato of London – and reimagined it in a three-dimensional rendering. The complex shape is made up of carefully contoured sheets of stainless steel, pieced together to precision.
    The metal sculpture is both intricate in detail and bold in its distinct presence, while fulfilling the functional purpose of being a greeting counter for incoming guests. The technology and craftsmanship required to pull this off is rare to come by, and this particular piece was brought to life by made-to-order metalwork specialists KIKUKAWA.

    DAIKEI MILLS also designed the overall ambience of the entrance space, placing the chairs by furniture design firm HAY, combined with original furniture manufactured by E&Y.

    Adjacent to the entrance space is the “avex EYE” a co-working space to be used by the startup branch of the group, avex ventures (AVT). The space is meant to function as a creative breeding ground for the group, instigating cross-pollination of people and ideas, sewing seeds of new business for the future.
    The colorful palette given to the space – somewhat unusual for DAIKEI MILLS – owes to the project’s collaborative partner, CEKAI, who designed the graphics and curated the works of contemporary art that hang on the walls. Despite the use of many colors and experimental graphic elements, the over all impression of the space avoid being either loud or pop. This is due to subtle details like the fine powder-coated paints that are used on the ceiling and the walls that absorb and subdues the light, and the Kvadrat shades in various colors that control the light from the windows. Resultant space is the perfect combination of cozy comfort and spirit of colorful playfulness.