Location: Sendagaya, Tokyo

    Year: 2016 Spring

    Area: 138.8 Sqm

    Contractor: World Tex

    Status: Completed

    Photo: Hideki Makiguchi

  • Gallery 38 is located just off the Harajuku Gaien and Meiji Dori crossing. Although the gallery will represent & exhibit established contemporary artists like Stephanie Quayle and Kishio Suga, the space breaks the mold of ordinary galleries in a few ways – such as having roughly half the exhibit space functioning as the design atelier of the Tokyo-based fashion maison, Taro Horiuchi.
    From the project’s outset, the discussion between the client and DAIKEI MILLS centered around how we might reconsider the typical “white cube” approach to showing art. The goal was to create a space that places works of art in a context seamless from our everyday life, without losing the awe-inspiring strength of artworks.
    At the entrance, epoxy is thickly poured over the original concrete floor material, placing the gallery space on continuum with the building structure. Since the location is slightly dug-in from the ground level, the glint draws the gaze of passers-by like reflections of water puddles, stirring their curiosity.

    Once inside, the walls and ceilings are painted white. Fluorescent light tubes run along the various beams that cover the ducts. Glint from the floor, combined with light from jagged white ceilings provides the space with subtle “noise”, making it clean & serene, yet unplain.
    Around the corner from the gallery counter is the design atelier. The raised floor is paved with thick concrete poured between wooden frames. The grated slits of the structure along the wall takes in the light, while affording limited view from the outside, and functioning as a bookshelf from inside.
    The space will be an actual, functioning design atelier for the Tokyo-based brand, but during exhibits, the visitors will be invited to step in and see the artworks placed around their working space.