• Material Matters
    - exhibition




    Location: Tokyo

    Year: 2021 Spring

    Area: 183.87 Sqm

    Photo: Shima Daisuke

  • Material Matters


    Material libraries of architects, designers and artists often contain collections of interesting and rare sample materials used as a reference for projects.
    What happens with these once a project is done?
    Most of them are tossed out.
    At SKWAT, we would like to reconsider this one-time use approach and give the public access to them so they can glimpse into the creative process.
    This time, DAIKEI MILLS will open up their material library to the public to encourage a conversation on the repurposing of their sample materials.
    Everyone is invited to take a few for free and use them for their own projects.


    SKWAT では、サンプル素材の新たな役割を試行する機会を設けると同時に、その背後にある制作プロセスも共有できたらと考える。
    今回、設計事務所 DAIKEI MILLS が自らのスタジオを一時的に SKWAT PARK に移設し、彼らの持つマテリアルライブラリーを一般開放する。