Location: Sendagaya, Tokyo

    Year: 2015 Spring

    Area: 89.1 Sqm

    Contractor: D.BRAIN

    Status: Completed

    Photo: Hideki Makiguchi

    Text: Naoki Kotaka

  • The new showroom for Diadora Japan appears dark and monolithic. One might be tempted to draw a comparison with a ancient Panathenaic stadium, of which a slice of structure has imaginary transported into a garage in a backstreet of Tokyo. A large concrete volume of entire room length displays a complete collection of over 100 sneakers visible at a single glance. Striations of the black surface of the concrete volume evoke physical movement of plasterer’s hands, abstract translation of athletic rituals take place in stadiums. Using thick layers of raw pigmented concrete, surface is scraped and etched to make broad, dashing strokes that absorb or reject light, subtly chafing monotonous black. A monumentality of the concrete volume is offset by considered mixture of materials: the wax finished lauan floors, a series of geometric shaped plinths in solid acacia, inset wall shelving in wrought iron and minimalist display tables in stainless steel. As a whole, the interior’s design conception corresponds conceptually and spatially to the character of the works that the brand has created since its establishment in1948, embracing old and new, its traditional mastery combined with breathtaking innovation. The iconography of ancient stadiums and lightness of a modern showroom environment have been interrelated and attuned to each other in such a way that they are indistinguishable. Something new has emerged that is more complex than a flashy representation of modern sports.