• Nu+LIM











    Location: Omotesando, Tokyo

    Year: 2016 Spring

    Area: 183.2 Sqm

    Contractor: &S

    Identities design: Haruhiko Taniuchi (desegno ltd.)

    Status: Completed

    Photo: Hideki Makiguchi

  • LIM is a collective of hair salons scattered around Tokyo, with each of their salons having a different style of design. Nu + LIM, their latest salon just off Omotesando, is the first to be taken on by DAIKEI MILLS.
    The brand name is an acronym which stands for “Less Is More,” and the client’s brief was to create a space that embodied an elevated return to that philosophy.
    The project began with a stripped piece of property, and upon completion, traces of the previous tenant are left untouched and visible on the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Quite intentionally, DAIKEI MILLS constructed this space by taking functional parts that make up a hairdressing salon – like the greeting counter & waiting area, washing area, dry area, and lavatory – and placed them onto the barren structure.
    Result is a space which incorporate many of the tried & tested design cues that you find in hair salons, but subtly removed from the formulae.
    The greeting counter is covered in wood panels. The veneer-like surface is taken from mahogany crunch and unlike veneer which repeats a single pattern, these panels are taken from the inner most core of a tree each slice few growth rings apart, so that the pattern differs upon closer inspection.
    Faux temporary feel is further enhanced by the disproportionately large mirrors that line up along the floor. Each mirror is placed at an angle, as if they were simply propped up against the walls. The ceiling, too, is effectively lowered by long strips of fluorescent light tubes, thus creating a ceiling of light that blocks the upward gaze towards the naked beams and pipes, enhancing the theatrical feel of the space.