• 6






    Year: 2018 Summer

    Area: 204.6 Sqm

    Contractor: D.brain 

    Photo: Junpei Kato

  • DAIKEI MILLS has designed all three of the stores for “6” (Roku) so far. Their third store is located inside LUCUA Osaka—the fashion complex directly attached to the Osaka/Umeda station—and it is their first store outside of Tokyo. The station-level location given to the brand is about as prime as they come, with the window directly visible from the pedestrians that flock into and pour out of the station.

    Yet, despite this highly visible location, as you approach the store’s entrance (which is only accessible from inside the LUCUA building), large part of the store is hidden behind the wall-like structure made of red stucco material. The ceiling has been lowered as if to block a peering view, and the entrance is deceptively small given the actual size of the store, and even the store logo is placed subtly in between a cactus and a dummy as if to avoid detection.

    This “blocked” facade gives the store an aura of exclusivity—befitting a brand that caters for the smart & experienced shoppers—, and it creates a rewarding experience to those who venture through the entrance, and enter the main store space by turning the corner.

    Once inside, the store opens up in front of you as it makes full use of the high ceiling and the with abundance of light and including the natural light coming through the large windows. The space is constructed by 3 large