Location: Toranomon, Tokyo

    Year: 2014 Autumn

    Area: 263 Sqm

    Contractor: D.BRAIN

    Status: Completed

    Photo: Hideki Makiguchi

  • Pirouette is, and intended to be, more than just a restaurant. Its very concept is to serve as a communal hub where people can come to enjoy & incorporate quality food into their daily lives. It is rare to find a place where you can either drop by to pick up some farm-fresh produce to take home, or to sit down to enjoy a sophisticated full course meal, depending on your mood & occasion.
    The three areas that make up the place – epicerie, cafe and restaurant – are all leading to & connected by the center stage that is their open kitchen counter where the chefs are at work.
    Once you sit down in the dining area, you immediately notice how the centrality of the kitchen is being further highlighted by the aligned eye level. The high stools in the cafe area, and seats on the elevated floors of the restaurant area all conspire to bring the diners at the same eye level as the chefs, drawing them closer to the creation that’s taking place by naturally directing their gaze.
    Another striking aspect are the tiles in varying shades of grey that cover much of the space. The so-called GRG material was developed specifically for the project by DAIKEI MILLS and D.BRAIN. Made by mixing gypsum with fiberglass, the shades of grey appear naturally as the mixture coagulates. And since the fiber is floating & flowing before it solidifies it forms a natural pattern. Result is a material that is light, easy to handle and economic, yet is rich in its texture and expression.