• Epoi block







    Location: Ginza, Tokyo

    Year: 2016 Spring

    Area: 28.9 Sqm

    Contractor: D.BRAIN

    Status: Completed


  • The store which opened inside the newly-built Ginza Tokyu Plaza retail complex, was to be one of the centerpieces to symbolize the overall renewal for the leather goods brand. The brand was looking to refine & redefine their image while remaining true to their defining traits, such as their tradition of craftsmanship and the earnest approach to material selection / processing.
    DAIKEI MILLS put forward “Reconstruction” as the key concept for the space. The idea was to have the store space subtly alluding to all the work-behind-the-scenes.
    The contoured fixtures that construct the space have their shapes taken from cutting patterns that make up one of their handbags. The fixtures are also clad in the same leather material used on the inside of their items, so the end result looks and feels like piled-up pieces of parts that you would see scattered about in the assembly factory. Thus the whole space taking the shoppers “inside” their creation. Mirror-finished stainless steel used on the pillar and the counter contrasts with the vividly earthly feel of the leather pieces, adding a sense of allure and otherworldliness to the space. “Reconstruction” also became the theme for the artwork produced by the SCHELTENS & ABBENES to mark the brand’s relaunch.