6 ROKU Image

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Year: 2016 Spring

Area: 77.8 Sqm

Contractor: D.BRAIN

Status: Completed

Photo: Hideki Makiguchi


The project marked the launch of the latest store brand by United Arrows. The boutique showcases original apparel from the “6” brand along with selected items from curated brands, including handpicked vintage finds.
It is a store aimed at the experienced, smart female shoppers of Tokyo who are confident in their own sense of aesthetics. The client’s request was to design a space that reflect & mix their dual preference; elegant and classic sense of beauty on one hand, and pop playfulness on the other. Thus the space was designed not just to neatly present the shoppers with well-designed items, but also to provide them with the joy of eclectic finds & sense of discovery.
The characteristic curved walls – the curvature of which were taken from the figure of six of the logo –  are intended to both spark the interest of passersby and, once inside, deny shoppers a totally open field of view. The shoppers are invited to explore the store with each step and discover the items on display around every corner, with every turn.


Although the overall design feels elegant and somewhat slight of frame, there lie real internal substance. Heavy materials like marbles and concrete scatter the floor, and even the curved poles that line the walls are dense to the core, instead of using simple hollow pipes. The effect of such material choice isn’t immediately visible, but once you get closer to feel its touch, the dense material presence is obvious.
This project employs a somewhat colorful pallet – uncharacteristic for DAIKEI MILLS, some might say. However, these colors are created by mixing the mineral pigments into the wet concrete, and the resulting pastels are of desaturized shades that you would find in nature.