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Location: Ginza, Tokyo

Year: 2017 Spring

Area:492 Sqm

Contractor: D.BRAIN

Communication Director: Shuichiro Sakaguchi(BAGN)

Identity Design: groovisions

Photo: Junpei Kato

The project is located inside Ginza Six; Tokyo’s latest shopping complex notable for its incredible location at the heart of Ginza.
Terminal Ginza sits in the middle of Mihara Dori Avenue-side entrance, right beside the Bus Bay where visitors from around the world are expected to arrive in flocks.
Given its nature as a greeting space, the space is required to fulfil many functions such as a tourist information center, convenience store, currency exchange, parcel delivery desk, and a tax-free counter.
The client’s request was to design a space that isn’t simply enslaved by function, and for the space to have a “quintessentially Japanese vibe.” Naturally, DAIKEI MILLS wanted to achieve this without pandering to cultural stereotypes, and its answer was to design the entire space that has a kind of tense serenity – a re-interpretation of zen-style dry gardens found in traditional temples using modern materials. A key design feature is the use of the black skin steel which covers the entire floor and considerable part of the wall.

The raw feel of the material sets the tone of the 491 square-meter space, giving it a sense of cohesive unity despite its many functions.
The front-half of Terminal Ginza houses a Lawson convenience store and a Tourist Information Counter. The information counter visually stands out from the dark surroundings with the light tone of Japanese cypress tree, and ellipsoidal design amid rectangular edges. Sitting underneath the open-roof space feels like being inside a gazebo amid a darkened garden.
On the other side of the room is another gazebo-like structure, which is the convenience store cashier and pantry space. The louver steel roof allows the long-strip light to trickle through, and the glass walls have a carefully controlled permeability.
Connected through a tunnel-like space with camel-colored sitting area, the rear-half of Terminal Ginza continue to keep the palette of materials to a minimum. Combination of black skin steel, Japanese cypress trees and lights adorn the area with futuristic-yet-warm vibe.