STUDIOUS harajuku

STUDIOUS harajuku Image

Location: Harajuku, Tokyo
Year: 2017 Summer
Area: 148.5 Sqm
Contractor: &S
Status: Completed
Photo: Junpei Kato

Studious is a “select shop”-style fashion boutique with 27 stores around Japan and beyond. Since their inception 10 years ago, they have specialized in discovering & promoting Japan-made fashion through their selection of designers and brands, symbolized in their now famous slogan “From Japan to the World.” DAIKEI MILLS was brought on to remodel their flagship store in Harajuku; the location of their very first store.
Given the store’s status as the centerpiece of the Studious brand, the approach DAIKEI MILLS took with this project was to accentuate / emphasize the merits of the store & location, rather than entirely remodeling the space from scratch.
The spacious wooden deck that leads up to the entrance now surrounds the entire premise in the shape of one long, connected steps. Entrance door itself has been boldly simplified to a single large glass panel which stays fully open during business hours.
Inside, the use of white and concrete has been continued and made simpler, with even less

palette of materials being used than before. The concrete floor in diamond patterns, use of fixed pipes for racks, and the mirrors that cover the walls all accentuate the unpretentious-yet-exclusive vibe of the store. Use of industrial materials continue outside on the front deck, as the front of the store has now been equipped with a bench made out of steel pipes and thick acrylic plates.
Since Studious is dedicated to presenting Japanese sensibilities through fashion, DAIKEI MILLS has placed subtle hints of Japanese aesthetics, such as the steel wire mesh that cover parts of the ceiling. These steel plates are subtly drooping to a form a gentle curve like that of the straw-thatched roof used in traditional Japanese farmhouse.