ocation: Shinkyogoku, Kyoto

    Year: 2016 Spring

    Area:188.1 Sqm

    Contractor: ICHIKEN

    Status: Completed

    Photo: Hideki Makiguchi

  • Motion Diner Kyoto opened its doors to the public in July 2016 as the main dining / refreshment counter of Movix Kyoto, a 12-screen film complex situated on the Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade in Kyoto.
    DAIKEI MILLS set out two themes for the project. First was the use of light. As the visitors take the escalator up to the diner, their eyes are drawn to the florescent tubes shining on the ceiling. A singular width of the light strip is used for every piece of lighting from wall to ceiling to the neon sign.
    The second theme for the project was “to make the most of what was already here.”
    The mirror-covered ceilings carried over from the previous era, now function to highlight the hanging strips of light. Rectangular boxes where they used to place the movie posters are now used simply as boxes of white light. 
    Some parts have been painted over. The wall ornaments in various shapes, menu screens above the counter, and even an old Movix logo sign stand exactly where they used to. Only now they blend into the darkness, since they are all meticulously painted in a singular shade of deep blue-black.
    Even in the newly-added raw-steel counter is preserving the old counter which literally remains intact, underneatth the cover.
    With the combination of cool dark colors combined with use of neon lights and natural material choice, Motion Diner Kyoto might appear at first to be just another example of contemporary interior design.
    However, the end result here is a “refurbishment project” that is very self-aware, and cozily site-specific at the same time. The deliberate presence of leftovers draw us to recognizes the layers of human history, while also giving it a vibe that is both off-beat & warm.