AOYAMA 346 Image

Location: Aoyama, Tokyo

Year: 2014 Autumn

Area: 79 Sqm

Contractor: Iing

Status: Completed

Photo: Hideki Makiguchi

DAIKEI MILLS was asked to refurbish this office for a model agency, located in fashionable Aoyama area of Tokyo. Despite being in close proximity to the trendsetting hubbub, this second storey property was notable for the abundance of pleasant natural light coming through the glass walls and presence of lush greenery outside.
We knew immediately that we wanted to create a space that will make the most of this surrounding – or even add to its appreciation in some form.
The subdued color palette chosen are designed to complement the lush surroundings. The dull color of the concrete is stone-like. And the slightly raised “stage” of the sitting area is made entirely of cork, which is leather-like in texture.
The “organic” feel of the space is accented by the presence of industrial materials. Painted beams and the light-gauge steel screen, have the effect of tightening the mood and adding some quiet intensity to the air.
All the pieces of furniture are designed & developed specifically for this project by DAIKEI MILLS.

Dense material presence of the panel materials contrast with the delicately thin legs. These legs have oxidizing chemicals sprayed onto the surface, thus setting in motion the changes in surface color and texture. Decaying rust blurring the industrial nature of steel and its place among other natural materials.
Same can be said of the steel of the door, which utilizes the so-called “black skin” that appear from the casting / cooling heat. It is impossible to control the pattern that emerge as the result of this man-made process.