2019 S/S “DRINKER”


    2019S/S “DRINKER”


    This project is a collaboration between fashion brand A MACHINE and DAIKEI MILLS I made a concept chair for the collection.

    The theme of the collection is DRINKER Clothes and vision etc.
    that were disordered when I drank alcohol is one of the elements of the collection The essential concept is to face one’s instinct with oneself through others .

    What was sought was a collection of materials in the strong memories of A MACHINE designer Keisuke Kanai and common memories of others.
    I proceeded with the production based on the collage when designing.

    Single pipe used at construction site
    Tip urethane used inside the sofa
    PVC sheet to protect and fix it

    Raw materials work,
    It fuses and becomes a new object.